Happy Holidays!


Today we are sending out the last of the holiday cards to our clients and vendors. I cannot believe that Christmas is almost here and Hanukkah starts tomorrow.  I still have a few more things to share before the holidays this week. In the mean time, here is our holiday card for this year.

Excuse the camera phone photo, let the good one at home.

Gifts for the Landscaper


I thought I would pull together some gift recommendations for the landscaper in your life. These are items that are valuable tools, but are special items they will use everyday.

1. Exceptional Gardens by Wim Pauwels (see here). This is my all time favorite book. The gardens are beautiful and inspiring to anyone interested in landscapes. I think the book is out of print, or only offered as select retailers. I purchased my copy a few years ago at Williams Sonoma Home and look at it almost weekly. This is totally worth tracking down, (as is any book by Wim Pauwels if interested in design).
2. C.O. Bigelow Chapped Hands Remedy No.1012. (buy here). This is great for hands after working outside in the cold weather all day. I have a few tubes I keep around because it really helps on cracked hands.
3. Hunters Bornio Boots, (buy here). All gardeners wear boots. I flip between a few different pairs, but these are nice for guys and you don’t have to worry about how dirty they get.
4. Tree Trimmings Doormat, (buy here).  My home is not covered in houseplants, but this doormat gives a nice nod to the natural and is still functional.
5. Patagonia Down Sweater, (buy here). I love this coat. It is light weight, yet keeps me warm when working outside in the colder months. I wear it both on and off the clock during the winter.
6. Felco Pruners (buy here). This is an essential tool for every gardener, both novice and pro. May look like a utilitarian gift, once they start using will totally thank you later.
7. Linnea’s Light Fir Candle (buy here). For someone you don’t know too well and likes to garden, an outdoor scented candle is perfect. And a Fir fragrance is just manly enough.  

Holiday at Home

Holiday, Personal

This weekend we put up our Christmas Tree and did some decorating outside. I say we, mainly my wife did the decorating outside while I worked on waterproofing our basement (don’t ask).
I think she did a great job. Glitter snowflakes and glass icicles. The moss “M” was created for the cover of our Holiday idea book.

I need to go back and add some greens, stems, and accents to our container. At our house it is more of a gradual process, when we have time and don’t need product for client’s homes. I will share more photos once the container is complete. The dog is wire a Basset hound we had at the nursery for awhile that we are fostering until he finds a forever home. Let me know if you are interested.