My Work – Floating Stairs


This summer we were lucky to work with some new design clients with a modern aesthetic that I admire in the landscape so much. Their home is situated within woods and is sided in beautiful wood siding and standing seam roof. The homeowner already knew the overall look and feel they wanted and were planning on adding a teak deck to the house with aircraft cabling rails. McCullough’s designed and installed the floating stairs, walkways, lighting and pillars.

This is the support system we had engineered for supporting the weight of the treads, but also allowed for the framework to be invisible. Each stair tread weighed 500lbs and needed to be placed using a a bobcat.

Here is a side view of the finished stairs and how they are resting on the framework. We galvanized the metal to protect from corrosion but also because it looks cool!

Flanking the walkway are solid Indiana Limestone pillars which weighed as much as a Volkswagen but well worth it…

Excuse this photo for being blurry, but wanted to show how the pillars and stairs are lit during the evening. The pillars are up lit to showcase the address, while the stairs are back lit to light the limestone treads. We also installed path lighting from Hinkley Lighting down a side walkway.

This was an amazing project to work on this summer. My normal projects are focused on Georgian homes, soI very rarely get to do the modern design projects that match my personal design aesthetic.

Technical Difficulties and Holiday Decorating


So the end of November and beginning of December were a little difficult around here. We had for almost two weeks were our Website, Phones, Email and Blog were all down at the office. Thank goodness for cell phones and texting. However all is now fixed and lets hope will never need to go through that again. Now that I am back up I will be responding to comments left here on the blog, sorry for the delay

Besides our technical difficulties we have been in full swing of holiday decorating. We have been lucky to have warmer weather for working outside and hanging decorations. However, the warmer weather will turn our wreaths, garland and containers brown  prematurely this season so I need to get photos early this year.

While I go out and take photos here is our house.

The containers are from Detroit Garden Works and will be going to a client early next year once their home is completed. The yellow twigs where grown at Red Twig Farms, and are the only bunches we had left from the fields. The Burlap swag was a request from my wife after seeing in at Detroit Garden Works a few years ago and she has obsessed over it ever since.

Detailed shots of the  mixed greens in the containers along with the icicles on the wreath. The night we decorated at home was actually pretty cold, so we have about 15 more icicles to hang to fill it really out.

There are lights inside the container that are hard to see since the tree in the front is also covered in lights and casts a bright glow on the whole front yard.

The wreath is up-lit from a spotlight tucked into our planter that is filled with lights and pine cones  We could not add too much inside the container since the wreath is so large. The pine cones were a nice option and help hide the spotlight and cover the soil.