GREAT FINDS – Hats and Tools

May finds gardeners in the full throws of planting, prepping and maintaining, but still with all the excitement with the fresh start to a new season. While I kick off the season I have found two great resources to share with everyone, which may be old news to you but are new additions to my gardening arsenal this year.

GREAT FINDS - Hats and Tools,  Thinking Outside the Boxwood

TULA Gardener Hat:  I am constantly searching for a wide brimmed gardening hat that is stylish, and is something a guy can pull off. Generally what looks good on one person, does not always look good on another or tends to lend it self better for one sex over the other. But I think I found a great universal hat, the Tula Gardener hat. I tried on someone else’s over the weekend and it was a great size and finish for working outside, and at $37.99 is a great price. My hat is on order so will report on how it holds up over the summer.



GREAT FINDS - Hats and Tools,  Thinking Outside the Boxwood

Niwaki Tools: So I have had this website on my bookmarks for about a year, just for the simple fact the website is BEAUTIFUL. But the tools have cult following and the are just great stuff from Japan. I highly recommend watching their videos, relaxing and educational. I need to get one of the orchard pruning ladders, because are easier to maneuver compared to the lifts we sometimes need to use, but will need to figure out a good shipping method first.


Do you have any must have gardening tools or gear?

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  1. I have used one of their pruning saws for a while now but might need to look a little closer at their other knives as I wasn’t aware they made those. Do you happen to know anyone in the US that is carrying their products now?

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