Blogging and Self Distancing

The majority of all our thoughts now are how to navigate the COVID-19 virus and the prolonged impact it will have on the world in every facet. As a small business owner, father and not Jared Leto (reference),  this is taking up the majority of our conversations and decisions, but in my self distancing I am working in the garden and turning to the garden community for inspiration and distraction. Less streaming and more digging.

I am also going to use the extra time at home to communicate through Thinking Outside the Boxwood, providing the same inspiration and distraction to other gardeners searching for a break from the news. I am thankful to be apart of the gardening community, that is always willing to provide advise, share failures with successes and be a group willing to get dirty. The internet and social media has eliminated so many barriers and borders over the years and I going to strive to keep that conversation going for the sake of connecting and sharing.  Ok, now off to work on some posts to get us all excited to work outdoors, alone.

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