Patio Veggie Garden Containers

While planning for summer veggie gardens, I came across these nice garden box kits at Scout Regalia. These boxes are great for anyone that wants a veggie garden, but does not have the yard space to dedicate. You can use these on a back deck/patio and store away during the winter months. Also the powder coated brackets provide a nice pop of color while you wait for your veggies to take off. I plan on ordering one to try out and will let you know what I think. (price $95, plus shipping and lumber)

Photo from Scout Regalia

Last summer for our veggie garden we used galvanized feed containers. These worked great for growing large tomato plants, and lettuce, peppers and strawberries. These containers also helped to provide the plants with plenty root growth room and kept me off my knees while tending to the plants. The only draw backs are the containers are large to store over the winter and if filled completely with soil can get heavy. (Price $75-$100 depending on size of container + $35 in good light weight soil and compost).

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