Hellebores – Lenten Rose

Top two images from Garden Illustrated, Photographer Andera Jones
Often overlooked by more popular spring blooms, Hellebores are a wonderful plant for the landscape for early seasonal color (as early as February) and will provide greenery year round (an advantage over its spring blub competitors).  More commonly used in Europe, Hellebores are becoming more popular in US landscapes.  Hellebores look wonderful while planted with other woodland plants, but can be used in more formal settings.
Hellebores mixed in a woodland setting.
Image from here


Example of Hellebore in a more formal setting.
Image from here


Hellebores mixed with snowdrops and cyclamen.
Image from Garden Illustrated, Photographer Jonathan Buckley

Here are tips on Hellebores:

  • Common Name: Lenten Rose
  • Hardy Zones: 5 – 9
  • Planting Tips: Partial shade, and rich, well-drained soil
  • Great to plant in woods and with other plants
  • Color options: range of whites, pinks to purples.
  • If purchasing for a specific color, buy while in bloom to ensure you are getting exactly what you want

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