Must See Garden – Kew Gardens

With all the reporting on the Royal wedding and my wife heading over the pond to celebrate the big event I thought I would post about one the the gardens in England that is still on my must see list – Kew Gardens. Famous for its glass conservatory and amazing tree top tour, Kew Gardens is a must see not only for me but for all nature lovers. Some time soon I hope to have my own photos of the gardens to share, but until then here some images to inspire. You can also see more images at the Kew Gardens Flickr group.

image found here.

Image found here.

Image from here.

Image from here.

One thought on “Must See Garden – Kew Gardens

  1. I LOVE Kew Gardens! My husband and I went to London on our honeymoon years ago and Kew was one of my favorite places. I love the town right there too, so beautiful! 🙂

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