Kresge Foundation LEED offices (road trip part two)

While in Michigan we stayed outside Troy, MI and driving to our hotel we passed this amazing farm house and modern building with native plants surrounded by large office buildings on a four lane plus road. With the large trailer behind the truck we u-turned and stopped to look around. The building is home to the Kresge Foundation, founded in 1924 to support nonprofit organizations.

In 2004 the foundation demolished the previous building and took the steps to rebuild using sustainable methods. The building was completed in 2006 and was granted Platinum-level LEED rating in 2008 and numerous other awards. There is a lot of information on the project on their website and even a case study document with tons of information.

Architect – Valerio Dewalt Train Associates
Landscape Architects – Conservation Design Forum

Example of the historic buildings on the property. 
Showcase of the new building mixed with the historic red barns. The cages filled with stone act as retaining walls.
These are often used on shore lines to stop eroding. 

This is the main walkway into the offices. The stonewall is retaining the foundation to the barn.
The walkway is a permeable paver that allows rain to drain properly. 

The stone wall continues around the barn. The parking space signs read Hybrid car parking and carpool parking only. 

Surrounding the conference room is this pond from watershed in the area. Again natural plantings surround the water. 

A lower outdoor lounge area. This is the view from a stone walkway above. 
James enjoying the walkways around the office. You can see in the background the other building surrounding the complex.

A great fence on the property. 

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