Refreshing Containers

I have been lucky to have the same clients from year to year, and a benefit from our relationship is being able to provide something new and different every year. Here are some examples of containers that we refreshed between the years. 

Aged Metal Cast Urn 
Spring 2011
This year we did large agave with trailing Silver Falls, Dichordra in this client’s urns. These containers are very large, so every year we look for plants that will play off that height. We will take the agave inside for the winter so they can be used again, maybe with a different trailer or in a different container. 
While this year we used silver gray plants, last year we used dramatic dark plants. This photo was taken later in the season when the plants had more time to mature. We used a Pink Stripe Phormium, Silver Shield Plectranthus, and a burgundy Coleus.

 Small Glazed Containers
Last time I will ever show this project- I PROMISE. However I realized I had photos from the past three years of the containers at the front door and it is a great example of how to change it up year to year. 


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