Galvanized Stock Tank Veggie Garden

We planted a veggie garden for a client this year using three 10 foot long galvanized stock tanks. These containers are placed on an irrigation drip line to help with the watering needs and are placed in a gravel bed for easy harvesting. Will make a trip out to get photos of the containers full planted.

5 thoughts on “Galvanized Stock Tank Veggie Garden

  1. I am looking for 10#39; tanks and I#39;m having a really hard time finding them. Would you mind sharing your lead?

  2. Hello Shannon,br /You posted a question on my blog about a 10 foot stock tank. I found a Behlen country tank that was 3x2x10 and then confirmed local suppliers that carried the tanks. I called to order, but Behlen is from the west coast so there was a min. order requirement, but the supplier was able to recommend another manufacturer. I think the final order was a Tarter (which I use at home is great quality). Here is a link the the behlen -br /;i=535br /and information on Tarter –br /;cod=WTR102amp;site=cheamp;emp=chebr /I hope this helps!br /- Nick

  3. Hi! Also wondering about drainage…how did you handle that? Drill holes or leave the drain hole open in bottom? Would that be enough? Just called and found the tanks at my local farm store!!

    • Hello Maria,

      We just used the plug already in the stock tank, no additional holes added. Best of luck to you and let me know if you have any additional questions

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