Favorite Garden Stores – Terrain at Styers

The next great garden store is Terrain at Styers. Almost all bloggers know about Terrain and frequently post of their visits and how they have been inspired by the merchandising. Terrain has made visiting a garden center an experience and whole afternoon affair. I have not been able to make the trek to Philly myself to visit, and my last visit to the Philadelphia Flower Show was one month before the store reopened (from the renovation of Styers to Terrain at Stryers).

Here are some images of the reasons why I think Terrain is great, but for first hand experiences please visit Flair for Design, Honey and Jam and Katy Elliot.

Ledge stone pillar with the very cool Terrain logo.
Image from here.
Interesting concept of a green wall. Only heads up – make sure you remember to water daily. The small pots will dry out quickly in the heat and with the overhang will not get much rain water.
Image from here.
Entire building covered in WoollyPockets. This looks like it is planted recently, overtime those plants will grow over the pockets and you will just get the bands of green and weathered cedar.
Image from here

A very smart way to showcase soils, stones, mulch and moss and explain use and benefits.
Image from here.

Herbs arranged under the shade of a large tree. I am sure after dining at the cafe on the great food, this section gets a lot of visitors to create their own herb gardens.
Image from here
Willow branch structures and boxwoods mix to create a very inspiring view of materials.
Image from here

The green house includes a large selection of Tropical and 
Terrain also has a selection of antique/vintage garden items. They have smaller items compared to Detroit Garden Works, which I would recommend looking at first if you really want something unique.
Image from Terrain

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