Galvanized Stock Tank – Safe for Veggies, YES.

There was a comment to one of the posts showing Galvanized Stock Tanks for veggie gardens questioning if they were safe for planting. The reader read that there could be some chemicals from the Galvanization process that could leach into the soil, etc. The tanks we purchased (Tarter) are rated safe for cattle and are made in the USA, so knew they had to be tested and considered safe for planting use. I did email the company to see if they had any additional information. I received a prompt phone call back from Tarter explaining that yes their product was safe for veggie gardens and for animal use. They also called out that their tanks are used to gather maple syrup and they had no risk of contamination. I feel safe to continue recommending stock tanks for veggie gardens, but if you have a concern you can always plant in cedar containers.

One thought on “Galvanized Stock Tank – Safe for Veggies, YES.

  1. Great idea! Tarter Gate is near us in Kentucky. I#39;d like to try this for next year#39;s garden, not having a permanent spot for a garden yet (until we build a house) and also because I#39;m a fan of raised beds. But these would be somewhat portable, too. I like that! (eg. moving the lettuce garden to the north side of the house in the height of summer here)br /br /Now to convince my husband!br /br /Best, Catherinebr /br /PS Congrats on your being a finalist.

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