Hello, My name is Nick.

I figured with the Country Living Blogger Award, there might be some new visitors wondering: who is this guy? Here is some background on me, why I am passionate about landscape design and why I started this blog. 
I live in central Ohio with my wife and my two year old son, James.
My son James from earlier this summer.
I attended The Ohio State University (Go Bucks!) and received a B.S. in Landscape Horticulture and minor in Art History. I started my family managed landscape design/build/maintain business (McCullough’s Landscape & Nursery) when I was still in high school by mowing lawns and it grew from there. We are now verging on our 15 year in business.

This is one of the first big design projects I completed and one of my favorites.
The bottom image is of a 3 acre hill of wild flowers we planted. 
I am a plant geek. I am known to call out the Latin names of plants no matter where I am. For “fun” I like to weed and work around the garden at the home or at the Farm, where our offices are located. I think mowing the yard is relaxing.
One of the most influential experiences on my career and design esthetic was a study abroad program in England while I was in College. While there I was able to tour amazing gardens, from traditional to modern. Top on my list of places to visit is Holland. 

These two photos are from a modern garden in England from my study abroad trip.
My personal design aesthetic is tight hedges, limited palate of hues and limited plants used in mass. My favorite plants are Japanese Maples.
This garden includes my all time favorites, boxwoods and German Automobiles.
See more photos here
Besides landscape design I am passionate about German cars, The Buckeyes and Columbus Blue Jackets.  And if I am not working I am visiting favorite Columbus haunts with my family, watching Columbus sports teams,  or renovating our 1970’s home.
You can see the whole family are Blue Jackets fans.
 I started this blog because I had so many inspiring photos, amazing gardens, and design knowledge that I wanted to share. Also, I thought there was a hole in the blog world of someone talking about design in the garden beyond plant types and vegetables. I wanted to provide the knowledge and tools for homeowners to get the look they see in books/magazines and feel confident to experiment in their own yard.  I hope you enjoy reading this blog and if you ever have any questions, please comment. I will do everything I can to get you an answer. 

4 thoughts on “Hello, My name is Nick.

  1. Congratulations on the nomination! I#39;m a friend of Megs, and met you guys at her wedding way back when. Beautiful work, and so glad you are blogging- you can motivate me to upkeep my own yard;)br /Christine:)

  2. I voted! I#39;ve been reading your blog since I saw your booth at the Home amp; Garden show. I#39;m always impressed by your work! Quick question – we bought an older home in Clintonville and are slowly changing the landscaping. There are tiny little buttons of boxwoods that I would like to transplant and make a border with a hydrangea in the center and then add another plant in-between the boxwoods and the hydrangea. How long will it take for these tiny boxwoods to get a little bigger? What plants do you like inside a boxwood border? We are trying to stick to a green, white, silver, purple pallette and a clean look. Thanks! ~Kim

    • Laurrie,I’m usually pertty good at keep snow in mind when planting … just missed it with these boxwoods.This year offers a good example of why it is important to keep snow fall, snow removal, and snow storage considerations in all northern garden planting plans.Thanks for sharing your GOOPs … good luck problem-solving.

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