Drive Down South to see a Living Wall

On our drive down to Hilton Head, we scheduled a rest stop in Charlotte, NC. Thanks to, we found a great Carolina BBQ place called Bill Spoon’s Barbecue. The pork BBQ and banana pudding were amazing and everyone was so nice. All the waiteress knew James by name, were interested in how we landed in Charlotte and shared their own Ohio connections.

The same exit off 77 as Bill Spoon’s also took us to Capital, a high fashion woman’s clothing store. This was a desirable stop for my wife for window shopping and for me to see the living wall by Patrick Blanc. I learned about the existence of the wall from a recent Garden & Gun article, and it made the prefect break in our 11 hour drive.

Again, the women in Capital were so nice to us. They allowed me to take photos of the wall and allowed me to go up stairs to take photos from the second floor. The design of the store was a square with an open center courtyard that is open on three sizes on the first floor, and then three walls of windows on the second floor. The Living Wall then cascades the two floors. 

The woman that guided me up stairs informed me that it is the only Patrick Blanc Living Wall in the south. However, because of their installation a larger version was going to be installed in downtown Charlotte. I guess we will need to stop and visit that one during our next trip to Hilton Head.

View of the bottom of the wall, drainage and herringbone floor tile. 

The view looking up the wall, into the open air. 

I have been taking a lot of photos all vacation so will have some more to share this week of our trip to Savannah, GA.

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