Family Backyard

Now that James is interested in playing outside almost all the time, making sure we have a family friendly backyard is a high priority. I grew up on a strawberry farm with a pond and acres of fields and woods to explore. Even though we live on a cul-de sac I want James to hav fond memories playing outside just like I have.

I stumbled by this image awhile ago of a back yard that includes a fort. I think a nice fort is just want James needs to extend his imagination. We already have plenty of space for whiffle ball, soccer games and a large tree for swinging and someday climbing.  A fort will provide James with his own space and many options for being a pirate ship, castle or whatever his mind creates.

Image from Windsor Smith

Compared to the pre-fab units, I want to build something out of more natural elements. I am thinking willow branch guardrails, rough bark roofing and living green walls. I want it to feel more natural with the landscape. I am thinking this could be a good winter project. We will see when I can get it started.

Willow clubhouse found on Pinterest. I don’t think I will do anything this advanced, but love the feeling 

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