Korean Velvet Grass

I came across this image of Korean Velvet Grass (Zoysia tenuifolia) blanketing a front yard. The plant was mentioned for its turf like appearance, drought tolerance and beauty when left un-mowed. Hardy in zones 9-11, this plant would not thrive in Central Ohio but would be great used in the South and South West.

The grass will grow right up to tree roots, even in shady spots. Below the mounds are smaller than the picture above, I assume the more mature the grass gets the larger the mounds become.

Below is a detail of Korean Velvet Grass from a supplier out of Australia,  you can see the detail of the amazing rolling mounds and even how it is growing up the rocks in the background.


Images (1) Organic Gardening vol 58: (2) florzNursery (3) Tranquil Heavens

One thought on “Korean Velvet Grass

  1. Love it! We live in Florida and a lot of people use this down here, but mostly on golf courses and parks. I would love to sod our place with this. I am enjoying the wave idea too, maybe in a little shady spot of the yard where you don#39;t walk around too much.br /:)br /Thanks for the post.

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