A Rose Filled Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentines Day! In honor of this floral filled holiday, here are some beautiful roses that you can enjoy year after year.

A combination of two varieties of climbing roses greet visitors with saturation of color and romantic fragrance.

Roses on standard provide the height of color high above the ground and the fragrance close to your nose.

Climbing roses over garden walks, and I like the alternating pale and saturated colors.

Mixing roses with peonies makes for a beautiful garden. The double /full blooms of each plant are impactful flowers for any garden.

David Austin are the best roses to order for your garden, hands down. You can find suppliers via the David Austin website.

While looking for photos of rose gardens I came across this great educational document from Longwood gardens for homeowners wishing to grow roses at home. It is worth reading or keeping handy. find it here.

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