Steal This Look – 1920s Boxwood

I stumbled across this garden while looking through a Town and Country Magazine from August 2010. It featured the home in Atlanta called Boxwood that was designed in the 1920s by Philip Schutze. The current owners spent time renovating the home and paid particular attention to the gardens.  John Howard of Howard Design Studio from Atlanta was the landscape designer for the project.

The landscape reflects the classical design of the original garden with roses, boxwood, hydrangeas and fountains, and yet still is livable for an active family. Below are two sections of the garden with plant Ids.

If you like the containers with the boxwood you can get similar faux lead versions that are both cheaper and easier maintenance. Here is an example from Capital Gardens Products, but your local nursery will have a selection.

You may purchase online here.

The photos in Town and Country were taken by Francesco Lagnese.

One thought on “Steal This Look – 1920s Boxwood

  1. First of all, Boxwoods in Atlanta is one of my all time favorite T&C spreads!

    Question: going to put in a small clipped hedge anchored by two recently planted large American boxwoods….considering green mountain and green velvet boxwoods. Do you have a preference…the green mountain variety doesn’t seem very dense. Advice?

    I’m located in SC, zone 8….very hot summers and hedge will receive lots of sun. Love dwarf English box but my wallet does not

    Enjoying your blog!

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