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When sharing ideas with clients, having images that help communicate the feeling, details and texture always help to visual the final design. Thanks to Pinterest and previously Flickr, I can constantly search for inspiration with specific criteria and locations to find exactly what I want. However I still collect gardening and design books/magazines for the edited view of landscapes and gardens. In our design office we have a library of books and years of back issues of Garden Design, Garden Illustrated, defunct House & Garden and many more to constantly thumb through and read when needing inspiration or reference.

I would like to think that our design library would rival the garden department at Martha Stewart Magazine, but I am sure they have us beat given this only a small sample of their  books.

Image from Martha Stewart

We are always looking to add new books to the library, and here are a few on my Amazon Wish List. However I really think I need a trip to NYC to see the High Line in person in addition to the book.

Do you have any other recommendations for us to add to our library?

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  1. Thanks for the clarification. I am married…..and smart Why is it so hard for you to think the editor screwed up. It wouldn’t be the first time an honest mistake was made. Seems far more likely to me, then your”theory.” people has covered many marriages people would rather not talk about.

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