Planting Agave

Last year I shared photos of a client’s antique urns planted with Agave Americana and Silver Falls Dichondra. Over the winter we stored the agave in our greenhouse and on Monday we replanted the plants in the same containers. You can see from the team planting how large both the containers and the agave plants are and how it impacts the landscape.

I will take photos of this years finished containers once the plants have more time to mature, but here they are again from last year.


5 thoughts on “Planting Agave

  1. Zone 8 is great for these this Agave- they love hot, dry, full sun and excellent drainage…and yes, you realize the scale when you see my brother, Josh, standing beside them!

  2. What kind of flower is cascading over the planter? I live in Florida so I wonder if they can withstand the summer heat?

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