A Summer of David Austin Roses

I have a client with a beautiful garden of David Austin Roses. Over the years she has expanded the garden to include many different varieties, but only of David Austins. The colors and textures of the rose flowers are always vibrant and throughout the summer different flowers take center stage. Each week I clip the roses that are at their peak and make her a bouquet for inside the home. Mid point during the summer I had the idea to photograph each bouquet I took inside and below is the beautiful collection of roses.

I hope you have a great Friday and weekend. I am heading out to the Springfield Antique Show today and then on Saturday visiting the Country Living Fair here in Columbus. I will also work on another Belgium/Netherlands post for sharing next week.

One thought on “A Summer of David Austin Roses

  1. gorgeous! I planted 6 david austin roses this past winter. They suffered with our humidity and heat this summer. Do you have a recommendation for feeding come spring…a product?

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