Backyard Flower Arrangement – Take Two

A few weeks ago I posted a flower arrangement my wife made using flowers from our garden and nursery.  Her photo shoot that required the flowers was pushed back two weeks and she needed to create a new arrangement. Within the two weeks of our Ohio Fall weather the majority of all the flowers she used the first time had long pasted their prime. I cut for her an new assortment of flowers and below is the result. To be fair we all think the ornamental grass plumes  make it a little crazy, but it is amazing how different garden flowers can change in as short as two weeks time.

Here is the first arrangement.

One thought on “Backyard Flower Arrangement – Take Two

  1. Your mind is a garden,your thhoguts are the seeds,the harvest can be either flowers or weeds .I found a wasteland, and beside it a tree. The trunk has a branch, and from that twigs sprout. I took a sliver from the branch, and planted it into a field of its own. I also planted seeds in this field. I watched them grow. I had to cut a path through the jungle surrounding the original tree. The natives got restless at my disturbing their terriority. So, I claimed some of their scalps. The tribe insisted that I follow their methods of cultivation, however, they were too fixed in their old ways to accept a new approach. Then the medicine man passed by selling his cure, some of the tribe thought it worked whilst others distrusted its curative powers. I thought both camps were right to some extent. In any event, aware of its limitations I tried some of the new medicine in my field and it appeared to do the trick to a certain extent. The natives complained about my crop as it flourished and grew out onto their land. The different varieties in my orchard produced different fruits, therefore different reactions. The tribe bought some and rejected others out of hand. Bearing in mind that the witchdoctor had spoken with forked tongue, and belonged to their tribe, the tribal chief and I agreed to put our differences to the tribe over the stream to settle our dispute.The tree is public law, the branch administrative law, and the sliver became prison law now a field in its own right.

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