What I am reading and new series introduction

I have a large pile of reading material on my desk that I have been going between when I need to break away from the computer. It is a group of books and magazines that I just received, have not finished from the summer or keep on hand to always review for inspiration.  This is a large pile since I like to jump around. Below are a few of the items I am reading at the moment.

Looking at my pile of reading material it gave me an idea for a new blog topic series – Masters of Design. There are a group of amazing designers that when I see their work I am always amazed and inspired. The names I profile will not be new to those in the landscape world, but might be new to folks who are not completely submerged in garden design.  I have also added a pin board that will feature the folks profiled. My first post will be tomorrow on Tom Stuart-Smith (you can see his book peeking out above).

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