Happy First Day of Spring

Even though the temperature is less than 10 degrees above freezing, the sun was shining to welcome the first day of spring. In the garden there are a few additional reminders that warm weather is right around the corner.

The images above are taken on my in-law’s new property about a mile from my house. It is a wooded lot that has been untouched for at least 20 years, which makes finding these snow drops a special surprise. Over the next few seasons we will get to see the other wonderful plants hiding. The back of the property has a grove of maple trees that a neighbor has tapped for maple syrup.

Photos of the work on this property will be numerous over the following months/years as we develop the gardens and restore the woodlands.

3 thoughts on “Happy First Day of Spring

  1. Eranthis is such an amazing plant. We have an entire wooded lot covered in it! When the sun comes out the enture area smells like honey!

    • Hayden,

      Aren’t they amazing….a true sign that spring is just around the corner- even though today there is 3″ of snow on the ground.

      • I just spent about 9 hours on an Amtrack train from Niagara Falls to NYC… it cost $110 (for both ways). I figure in that it would cost at least $80 to fill up my tank with gas (this is for both ways mind you), and factor in $30 as the real cost of not having to sit behind the wheel. Not too bad at all really.

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