Photos from My Yard

Tonight when I got home, the lighting was perfect casting shadows and highlights across the entire landscape. I love how the landscape changes daily in the spring, so I captured some of the spring color and foliage with my iPhone. My resolution this year is to always have my Cannon D90 with me to get projects and work photographed at its peak, but already I have reverted back to the iPhone.

4 thoughts on “Photos from My Yard

  1. Alliums are not quite open here in my garden in Liverpool (NW England). Just waiting for the ‘firework explosion’ when they all show at once. Thanks for the beautiful photograph reminders in the meantime.

  2. HI – I have a large limestone wall – 2600 high by 5800 wide. I want to espalier citrus trees on a diagonal design but do not know how to work out the spacing and how many lines I need – is there a formula for working out the spacing of the wires ?

    • Jess,

      I am so sorry- I am not sure how I missed your comment!!!!

      So there is not formula per say…..if you are are trying to achieve a Belgian fence style I would plant every 3’ or roughly 1 meter. Then your guide wires should be at 45 degrees and 135 degrees to create a “y”. Hope this helps!

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