Garden Gates and Fences

I have been thinking about garden gates as we plan to fence in our backyard for James. We have fence on three of the four sides already, so just need to connect across the front from the sides to the house. this short distance provides us with some flexibility to be creative on the fence design since it is a short distance and will be visible from the front of the house. Here are a variety of gates (and some fences) I have been storing for inspiration. 

This gate mimics a front door with the windows and size. Surrounded by the privet hedge, there is no guessing where the entrance is located.
Image from House & Garden

This gate adds height with the arbor and the surrounding fence. The large grid does not provide privacy, but would be great for adding a climbing rose/etc.
Image – not sure location.
This gate is surrounded in brick and speaks to a secret garden.
Image House & Garden
A double hinged gate allows for a larger entrance space when opening up the yard for parties etc.
This fence also uses a grid compared to traditional pickets.
Image from House & Garden
A traditional picket fence and gate. When looking for classic, you cannot not miss with this design.
Image from unknown. 
This is not of a gate, but could be easily converted into a gate design. The pickets on the right are traditional, but switch styles of round close to the steps to become railing. The mix of styles between fences provides more interest.
Image from Pink Wallpaper.
This fence from Nantucket mixes the ceder shakes with a white gate. The center open area gives you a peek of what is on the other side. In this case the ocean.
Image from Flickr.
Another more traditional style gate, but you can see with the posts and treatment of the cross supports can have a variety looks.
Image from Martha Stewart.
Ok this is not a fence or gate, however when I saw this image I thought it would be the perfect fence. Modern in design, but still with a nod to the class white picket fence. Plus the metal grates would allow of plants to grow between. This might be the winner for my house, but we will see.
Image from Hinkley Lighting

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