Holiday Decorating – a Modern Take on Traditional Favorites

One of the projects we worked on last week was decorating the interior of the client’s home. We had free reign on the design, so we used the client’s artwork and decor to pull the color and design. We focused on the stairs and fireplace in the great room.

The great room is smokey black, lots of white trim and 10 windows, filling the room with natural light. We choose to use red as a dramatic accent to the black and white room.

The mixed green garland is accented with magnolia leaves and juniper branches. Red glitter ribbon draws the eyes across the mantle. 
We also created this arrangement that will last the whole season. Pussy willows, variegated oregano and magnolia leaves. This could be created at home with clipping similar plants from your landscape. Swap the Pussy willow for Red Twig Dogwood and the oregano for boxwood.

Next we worked on the stairs in the entry hall. Here we wrapped mixed green garland with LED lights, accented with juniper berries and eucalyptus. To give a bit of a more modern feel, we added Yellow Dogwood stems. The stems add a smooth swoop to the textural garland and a bright pop of color.

We had a wonderful time decorating the house as a team, and hope the homeowner was surprised (and happy) with the transformation. Oh and here is a look at the lights outside the house we also did.

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