I am back!

I got back from my trip last Friday and quickly back into the full swing of work (hence why I am just posting). I took the first weekend to recoup from the lack of sleep on the plane ride home and delighted friends and family with slideshows of my 3,000 plus photos. I am still in the process of flagging my favorites and finalizing the best way to share here on Outside the Boxwood. In the mean time here is a sampling of the non-garden and a few garden photos from my trip. I think by the end of the series you will see that my trip was amazing and I came back inspired. I will attempt to break it up so it is not all my trip for three weeks straight, but we will see.

Yes, this is me with Peit Oudolf, and yes I looked that happy for the entire day after this moment.

This was at an art school, the large letters spell out Search & Destroy.

A sample of the beers I had on the trip, and a waffle.

I found this stack of magazines in one of the nurserys we visited, reminded me of my office back home.

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