I am back!

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I got back from my trip last Friday and quickly back into the full swing of work (hence why I am just posting). I took the first weekend to recoup from the lack of sleep on the plane ride home and delighted friends and family with slideshows of my 3,000 plus photos. I am still in the process of flagging my favorites and finalizing the best way to share here on Outside the Boxwood. In the mean time here is a sampling of the non-garden and a few garden photos from my trip. I think by the end of the series you will see that my trip was amazing and I came back inspired. I will attempt to break it up so it is not all my trip for three weeks straight, but we will see.

Yes, this is me with Peit Oudolf, and yes I looked that happy for the entire day after this moment.

This was at an art school, the large letters spell out Search & Destroy.

A sample of the beers I had on the trip, and a waffle.

I found this stack of magazines in one of the nurserys we visited, reminded me of my office back home.

I am going to The Netherlands and Belgium!

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I thought next week would never get here, but after such a busy summer it came faster than expected. I am going to The Netherlands and Belgium with the Perennial Plant Association (PPA) for a 14 day tour of 25 gardens, nurseries and flower shows. It is what my wife is calling the ultimate plant geek tour, but I am the ultimate plant geek so could not be more excited.

Here is a sample of the places we will be visiting during the tour, but expect for me to be posting crazy my recaps images.

The Brussels Flower Carpet, created from 750,000 tuerous begonia blossoms – Image from here.

The Castle Keukenhof, peak season is March – May to see the blooming blubs. Image from here.

The Garden of Dina Deferme, Image from here.

Mien Ruys Garden – 70 years of personal experimenting and designing by garden architect Mien Ruys. Image from here.

I will attempt to keep the blog fresh with a few pre-planned posts while I am gone, but will have access to email the whole time if you have any questions etc.

Quick trip up to Michigan

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This weekend we made a quick visit up to the Northern Detroit area to pick up something for a client at Detroit Garden Works. We decided to make it a little vacation and stayed the night outside Birmingham and visited some family in Northwest Ohio. Both Allison and I love the area of Birmingham for food, shopping and walking the neighborhoods. Here are some photos from our trip.

I love this gate, we need to finish the fence around our house yet this summer and this design is perfect to allow my wide mower through, yet a balance of modern/traditional to match the style of our house.


Also we stopped over at the Kresge Foundation building again to see how the natural gardens where holding up in the drought.

We visited the foundation with the perfect lighting. Here is an image of what I believe is Rudbeckia maxima, which were spread throughout the area.

These are photos of all the different textures around the Kresge Foundation.


We spent a lot of time at Detroit Garden Works visiting with Deborah and Rob and seeing all the amazing items they have in their store. If you live in the Detroit area, this coming weekend is their garden cruise touring landscapes by (or friends of) Deborah. I highly recommend you go and be completely inspired.

Our final stop was visiting Allison’s family’s farm in Northwest Ohio. James visited last summer during the planting season was was able to ride along while they planted a few rows. This year he actually got to drive a tractor.

Holiday at Home

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This weekend we put up our Christmas Tree and did some decorating outside. I say we, mainly my wife did the decorating outside while I worked on waterproofing our basement (don’t ask).
I think she did a great job. Glitter snowflakes and glass icicles. The moss “M” was created for the cover of our Holiday idea book.

I need to go back and add some greens, stems, and accents to our container. At our house it is more of a gradual process, when we have time and don’t need product for client’s homes. I will share more photos once the container is complete. The dog is wire a Basset hound we had at the nursery for awhile that we are fostering until he finds a forever home. Let me know if you are interested.

Country Living Fair in Columbus and First Peek of Fall.


This past weekend was the Country Living Fair in Columbus. I was not able to make it down, but my wife went with James and brought me some cool seed packets for next year.

Seed packets from Hudson Valley Seed Library.
Allison purchased from High Falls Mercantile, from High Falls, NY.

This weekend was my transition into Fall. While driving home on Friday we passed all the Southern Ohio farms harvesting their pumpkins, and the photo below of James at the Country Living Fair with the beautiful pumpkins is another reminder.

Tower of pumpkins created by The 200 Acers.