Peony Gardens

This week I am ordering peonies for a client project and for our own production fields. For the client we are planting the peonies near the vegetable garden to enjoy until the edibles take off and for cut flowers  inside the house. At the farm we are planting about 200 plants to use as cut flowers to sell to local famer’s markets and florists. We are planting a selection of bridal whites and an ombre of pinks. We plan to add to the field over the years.
Right now is the perfect time to order plants for spring planting. A great source for plants is Peony’s Envy. Once our peonies arrive I will provide tips for planting, but until then enjoy these images of peonies.
Image from here
Selection of Peonies from Peony’s Envy
Image from here
Image from here

Image of Martha’s Peony Garden, from Martha Stewart Living Magazine, May 2008

Edible Gardening – Book Recommendation

This past weekend I spoke at a Master Gardens event about edible gardening.  For anyone interested in learning more about planting their own edible garden, I recommend reading The Edible Front Yard by Ivette Soler. This book is great those with smaller garden spaces or even those with more space to dedicate to gardening.  You can also follow Ivette at her Blog,
Here are some quick top five edible plants for the garden:
  • Imperial Star Artichoke – Annual vegetable with awesome foliage and a really cool bloom!
  • Swiss Chard – this is great for growing in containers and is high in antixotiants- great color.
  • Brown Turkey Fig – tender- best in pots in Central Ohio
  • HopsLatin name: Humulus lupulus ‘Aureus’ – hardy, use to make beer and you can eat shoots
  • Hardy KiwiLatin name: Actindia kolomikta – There are both male and female plants, the male is a more attractive to  use in the landscape.