Red Twig Farms- Twig Wreath

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Red Twig Farms- Twig Wreath, Thinking Outside the Boxwood


Last season we had leftover dogwood branches from Red Twig Farms that we experimented weaving into different forms. Our most successful design was a simple wreath of the branches.  We sent a few off to Terrain as prototypes, and this Christmas they placed an order for both Yellow and Red Dogwood wreaths. The wreaths are beautiful alternative to classic evergreen wreaths and the traditional brown grapevine wreaths. We saved a few of the Red Dogwood wreaths at the shop and have been practicing different ways these could be used during the holiday season outside of bow adornments.


Red Twig Farms- Twig Wreath, Thinking Outside the Boxwood


(Upper Left) Plain Red Twig Dogwood Wreath. (Upper Right) Layered with a boxwood wreath

(Bottom Left) Mixed Bittersweet with Winterberry (Bottom Right) Wrapped with Stargazer lights


The wreaths are not listed on the website, but I am sure you can directly contact either Terrain location if you are interested in purchasing a wreath. I wish we had some of the yellow wreaths to show, but we shipped them all off before we took any photos.




15 Fresh Greens for Holiday Decorating

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The week after Thanksgiving is a rush to get our clients homes decorated for the holiday season. Even though the week is busy, we look forward to flexing our festive creative muscles. I shared photos of a few projects on instagram throughout the week (NickMccland),if you want a preview. There were questions about the types of greens we used and thought I would share a list of all the different types of fresh greenery we use as a info graphic for quick reference. These are the greens that work well in Ohio’s December climate or we use only indoor (such as pepperberry). There are infinite combinations you could make with these greens, highlighted with ribbon, ornaments, pinecones and branches.


15 Fresh Greens for Holiday Decorating Containers, Wreaths or Garlands from Thinking Outside the boxwood



One of our favorite tricks is using a variety of these fresh greens tucked in a standard Frasier Fir wreath or graland. The fir provides a dense base for tucking in other greens for distinctive texture and color. You can purchase greens from florists or take clippings from your own backyard. The dense fir wreath will hold the green’s branches with in the existing wiring, or use paddle wire to secure to the frame. This trick provides you with a nice fresh wreath, that is unique to only your home without the custom made cost or time.