Scenes from the weekend


This weekend went by quickly, but we had a really good time. Friday afternoon we went to the Springfield Antique Show. Normally we are there when the show opens at 7am, but had to make it an afternoon visit due to client work. There were still great deals to find which included a lot of stuff for the house and a few items to re-purpose for design projects (or even my own landscape).

I purchased this horse head which I plan to have a cut limestone base created for it. Not an antique and even sold at a few booths, but I think would look amazing in the landscape so why not? I also got three antique iron wagon wheels (just the metal circle not the interior wooden spokes). I plan on mounting to bases and placing throughout a landscape – photos to come on that one.

On Saturday we went to the Country Living Fair at the Ohio Historical Society. This was my first year visiting and was amazed at the size and variety of the vendors. We walked away with one purchase, but had a great time listening to the speakers and walking all the booths. Here are some highlights.

Large collection of wooden crates. Some would great planters, others are just neat to look at in mass.

This was a local Central Ohio grower of unique and unusual trees. They had amazing varieties that you don’t typically see used in every landscape, including multiple varieties of Ginkos. I plan on visiting their nursery sometime this fall to see what else they have.

Collection of old garden tools, this is what the inside of my shed looks like.

There was a booth that included amazing old school botanical prints and maps. Prices were in the $250 range, and I seriously thought of getting this one for home. I also so this set design shrub that made me think of an idea for garden art, maybe this winter I will give it a try.

James and the giant chicken, how could you not want your photo with a GIANT chicken?

This chair was our purchase at the Fair, mainly my wife’s choice. I guess she has good taste because carrying it out we got a lot of complements.

Next year I am going to research getting a booth for McCullough’s with garden antiques, unique plants and Red Twig Farms’ collection of ornamental branches (will need to explain that in another post). Over all a great weekend and will be busy enjoying this week as the last of summer! Still working on more Belgium/Netherlands posts – those will go on until the end of year.

A Summer of David Austin Roses


I have a client with a beautiful garden of David Austin Roses. Over the years she has expanded the garden to include many different varieties, but only of David Austins. The colors and textures of the rose flowers are always vibrant and throughout the summer different flowers take center stage. Each week I clip the roses that are at their peak and make her a bouquet for inside the home. Mid point during the summer I had the idea to photograph each bouquet I took inside and below is the beautiful collection of roses.

I hope you have a great Friday and weekend. I am heading out to the Springfield Antique Show today and then on Saturday visiting the Country Living Fair here in Columbus. I will also work on another Belgium/Netherlands post for sharing next week.

The Floriade 2012


The Floriade is, to put it bluntly, a horticultural wonderland that happens every ten years in the Netherlands.  This time it is in the city of Venlo but the site changes sequentially and cities compete to host the event much like the Olympics.  The size (163 acres) and grandeur is only something that I can compare to Disney’s Epcot center.  Much like Epcot many nations are represented with a country pavilion with horticultural and cultural showcases.  Believe me when I say this is serious business….the construction and plantings are started five years in advance to ensure a mature and mind-blowing display of their bulbs, perennials, grasses, trees and shrubs.  But truly the Floriade is the place for companies and designers to show off their design and innovations in gardening and really for Holland to show off its tail feathers to the rest of the world and prove why they really are one of the world’s horticultural powerhouses.   As a designer myself, the six hours I spent there have given me ideas and inspiration for years.  Inspiration truly came at you from every angle….simply as plant combination, paving and stone pattern, to the prolific use of alloys and cor-ten steel.  This place broadened my spectrum of design and as made it on my calendar ten years from now.  Don’t worry though, you still have time…the show opened in April and runs till October 7- I would book my tickets soon if I were you!

logs used as a walkway

An antique greenhouse was reconstructed and filled with plants.

Cor-ten was a popular medium used throughout the gardens at the Floriade and our trip

A collection of the unique seating options displayed, and a few nice folks that allowed me to take their photo:

Individual trampolines within the walkways