Peonies Lately…

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I have been busy lately with peonies from our production fields for our floral farm, Redtwig Farms. We may have flooded the central Ohio market with fresh peonies, and next year we will have even more! Below are photos of the actual peonies we grew in our fields. It is amazing each morning to see number of buds we harvest.

I will be back soon with normal landscape/design posts soon. May is already the busiest time of year for us and adding the peony production to the list I have had no time to write.

Photos from My Yard


Tonight when I got home, the lighting was perfect casting shadows and highlights across the entire landscape. I love how the landscape changes daily in the spring, so I captured some of the spring color and foliage with my iPhone. My resolution this year is to always have my Cannon D90 with me to get projects and work photographed at its peak, but already I have reverted back to the iPhone.