Happy First Day of Spring


Even though the temperature is less than 10 degrees above freezing, the sun was shining to welcome the first day of spring. In the garden there are a few additional reminders that warm weather is right around the corner.

The images above are taken on my in-law’s new property about a mile from my house. It is a wooded lot that has been untouched for at least 20 years, which makes finding these snow drops a special surprise. Over the next few seasons we will get to see the other wonderful plants hiding. The back of the property has a grove of maple trees that a neighbor has tapped for maple syrup.

Photos of the work on this property will be numerous over the following months/years as we develop the gardens and restore the woodlands.

Random Post – Instagram, Garden Design and Monty Don

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This weekend was amazing in Central Ohio, with sun and temps in the 60s you can tell spring is right around the corner. I spent the majority of the weekend on my in-law’s new property cutting down dead ash trees and and cleaning up brush (more on that in another post). Since I spent my weekend mainly with a chainsaw in hand I did not plan much for a blog post so this will be random.


Wasting time with: Instagram – I am about two years late to joining this platform and am still getting ramped up. You can follow me at Nickmccland. Please give me great folks to follow –


Not Reading: Garden Design Folding – I am sure everyone has heard by now that Garden Design Magazine has folded with April being the last issue. I wonder if the folding is due to the lack of embracing the digital medias or aligning the content with the correct target audience (never fully satisfying the hobbyists or professionals). It could just be that a larger audience does not care about the typically more modern ascetic they magazine often showcased. With only 185,741 subscribers there is some reason that is beyond it being an expensive magazine to publish. I will miss the magazine and am excited to see how the garden design industry responds with filling the void (and what Bonnier will send instead to fulfill my subscription). For fellow design magazine junkies, I strongly suggestion you fill your gardening/landscape desire with Gardens Illustrated Magazine out of the UK. You can get a year subscription for $75 from Amazon and hands down this is the best gardening magazine for gardens both large and small, modern and classical and veggie or perennial focused. Even those digital reader folks can order a digital version on Zinio.


Watching: Around the World in 80 Gardens. I found the Youtube series from back in 2008 that features Monty Don visiting 80 influential gardens from around the world.  Some are famous public gardens while others are often unseen private gardens. The episode from the United States includes both Monticello and Jack Lenor Larsen’s Home LongHouse in the Hamptons. What is great about videos turning the garden is you get to see the how items relate to each other beyond just the great focal point shot. I have a few more episodes to finish watching but so far have been really enjoying the show and going to keep my eyes open for the accompanying book.  You can find the series uploaded here via Youtube.

Designing for Cutting Flowers

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February is the month for seed catalogs and placing orders for perennials. Along with the orders for clients and our nursery, I also have a list for home- at the request of my wife pushing me for more cut-able flowers. The specific requests for our house are foliage and flowers in whites, greens and blacks/purples that can be cut throughout the summer for arrangements in the house.  We have a very large yard that we could create an area that is designated only for these annuals and few perennials. However, from the request list (and my own selection) we are going to add these plants to our pre-existing beds. The main change will be moving some roses, the majority of the plants will just be designed into the correct sun/shade locations already open in the landscape. The task of selecting locations is helped by the fact the foliage and flower colors coordinate the existing palate at our home.  Let me know your thoughts….

I think the idea of designing for bringing the flowers and foliage indoors is great to allow your landscape beds to be more than curb appeal. It also allows those without ample space to get both beautiful landscape and flowers for inside. However, flowers that are often used for cutting have less attractive foliage so designing a landscape that is beautiful indoors and out is tricky and takes knowing each plants advantages and disadvantages.  Here are break downs of some cutting borders for you to use as inspiration.