Paperwhite Update


So an update on the Paperwhites…..These pics were taken on Christmas morning, the timing could not have been more perfect. The bloom and fragrance was intoxicating. Also, as you will notice there was no flopping, yeah.

The timing as follows…

Pot in gravel 4 weeks before you want to flower.

Water weekly, or maintain a water level at the bottom of the buld

Add one shot of vodka to a gallon of water, Grey Goose only……Kidding

At the finish you’ll have blooming, non- flopping Paperwhites

Franklin Park Conservatory

art, Franklin Park Conservatory

During the Holidays one of my favorite place to visit is Franklin Park Conservatory. We are truly fortunate in Columbus, OH to have such a great horticultural mecca. Every time I go back, which is often, there is always something new. The staff is always thinking green and this year they have a great LED Christmas light display. The Dale Chihuly glass is always a big draw for me as well. There is something about the light hitting the glass this time of year that really intrigues me…I thing it is because the winter landscape is so drab and any color really draws the eye. If you live in Columbus and you haven’t been- I highly recommend.



I think it could be perfect timing…Christmas is just a week away and our paperwhites are just about ready to bloom. They really should be perfect for a centerpiece! I have five more jars to really make a statement. I will post pictures of the festivities.

For those of you who have paperwhites that get too tall and flop a trick is a shot of vodka once a week in their water. It helps to keep the foliage short and compact but doesn’t effect the bloom. Try it- it really works. One shot for the plant and two for me- normally gets the job done.