Family Gardening

Family Backyard

Now that James is interested in playing outside almost all the time, making sure we have a family friendly backyard is a high priority. I grew up on a strawberry farm with a pond and acres of fields and woods to explore. Even though we live on a cul-de sac I want James to hav fond memories playing outside just like I … READ MORE

Boston Ivy, Green wall

Ivy Covered – Yes or No?

I am a fan of ivy covered walls and homes. I think they can cover sins and provide some green in really tight spaces. However growing ivy comes with some responsibility in maintaining and ensuring you have selected the right species for your need.  WHAT TYPE OF IVY: First, if growing on a structure NEVER plant English Ivy, choose Boston Ivy. … READ MORE

Design 101

Design 101: Pleaching

(Read Previous Design 101 here) Pleaching is the method of training multiple trees into a single horizontal plane, or one continuous line. It is often used to create allees or hedges. More frequently seen in European garden design, the training takes dedication to clipping and time to mature. Most often the branches are clipped to expose the trunks.  EXAMPLES OF PLEACHING A classic example of … READ MORE

Landscape Design

Garden in Belgium by Daniel Ost

I have about 10 years worth of past issues of Garden Design, Gardens Illustrated and many more magazines that while watching tv at night I like to flip through. I always find something interesting that I flag for follow up or an inspiring garden I forgot about. Last night I was reading a Garden Design from Jan/Feb 2008 and came across an … READ MORE


Fall close to home

We are lucky that one street over from our house is a winding, tree lined road that takes you past horse pastures, a polo field and along a stream. It is my favorite route to work to see all the seasonal color, no matter what time of year. Here are some photos from my drive today.  After dinner tonight we … READ MORE


Fall in Granville, Ohio

So on Sunday I headed out for dinner and a stroll around Granville, Ohio. It is a small college town about 20 minutes outside of Columbus. As you reach Grandville the land transforms from the flat suburbs into rolling farm fields and large forests. We had a great time strolling the historic streets, hiking up to Denison’s Campus and eating … READ MORE


Boxwood of the Week

So I have been visiting Pintrest for awhile now, but waited until last night to finally request a membership. This weekend will be filled with tagging and organizing inspiration photos. Have a great weekend! Clipped boxwoods framing trees.From Pintrest, original from Veranda.