Christmas Decorating Count Down

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving with family and friends. I spent the entire day with my family eating too much, watching football teams I don’t really care about and catching up on Pinterest. Friday and Saturday were spent scouring for vintage finds and shopping down High Street. My relaxing weekend however was quickly over since today starts the … READ MORE

Central Ohio

Small Business Saturday – Nov 26, Columbus Ohio

This Saturday (November 26) is the second annual Small Business Saturday. The movement was created to remind people to shop and support local businesses during the busiest shopping weekend of the year. As a small business owner I appreciate the effort to support local entrepreneurs. To find small businesses in  your area, check out the Small Business Saturday Facebook page and read more here. … READ MORE

Ground Cover

Korean Velvet Grass

I came across this image of Korean Velvet Grass (Zoysia tenuifolia) blanketing a front yard. The plant was mentioned for its turf like appearance, drought tolerance and beauty when left un-mowed. Hardy in zones 9-11, this plant would not thrive in Central Ohio but would be great used in the South and South West. The grass will grow right up … READ MORE


McCullough’s Holiday Idea Book

Last week our clients received our first Holiday Idea Book in the mail. Since we no longer have the retail space we missed the opportunity to share our creative ideas for holiday with our clients and thought the Idea book could help. Even though we could only share a selection of ideas, we really hope that this gets everyone excited about decorating … READ MORE

Boxwood of the week

Boxwood of the Week

So I have been visiting Pintrest for awhile now, but waited until last night to finally request a membership. This weekend will be filled with tagging and organizing inspiration photos. Have a great weekend! Clipped boxwoods framing trees.From Pintrest, original from Veranda.


Advice – Call before you dig

My next door neighbor works for our cable company installing and repairing fiber optic lines. The other night after work he was telling me about having to repair a very expensive line not once, but twice because a tree company was attempting to plant some trees and never called to confirm line location. At work we make a call to … READ MORE


Decking or turf? What is your preference?

While exploring Pinterest I came across these two images on the same page. It was amazing to see the same execution of a design theory with two different mediums. You never how when you will be completely inspired.  Decking by Foreign Office Architects, and turf terracing by Charles Jencks. Pins found via