Holiday Look Book 2012


With Halloween a week ago, I think we are in the safe zone to start talking holiday. All our clients should be receiving in the mail the next few days our second holiday look book. We created the first one last year to get everyone excited for evergreen decorations, explain LED lights and fill the void of us not having a retail space. We did not get much feedback if everyone liked it, but decided to attempt for a second year. This year we published/printed using MagCloud and are really happy with the ease of publishing and the quality of the printed books. We have tons of room for improvement on the design (our favorite designer was unable to design this year), but hopefully the book still gets everyone in the spirit for the holidays.  VIEW LOOK BOOK HERE.

If you would like a copy for any reason, email me your address ( We ordered plenty of extras and will be happy to send one your way.

Also, If you are at all interested in purchasing ornamental branches – (view the last page of the look book) we are shipping Red Twig and Yellow Twig Dogwoods as well as an assortment of contorted willows. These are great for outdoor holiday containers, and our branches are all cut fresh and naturally defoliated.

Backyard Flower Arrangement – Take Two


A few weeks ago I posted a flower arrangement my wife made using flowers from our garden and nursery.  Her photo shoot that required the flowers was pushed back two weeks and she needed to create a new arrangement. Within the two weeks of our Ohio Fall weather the majority of all the flowers she used the first time had long pasted their prime. I cut for her an new assortment of flowers and below is the result. To be fair we all think the ornamental grass plumes  make it a little crazy, but it is amazing how different garden flowers can change in as short as two weeks time.

Here is the first arrangement.



Sorry I have been completely MIA, we had a little bit of an addition to the family that has taken up all my free time.

Please meet Miss Charlotte Rose McCullough. The whole family is completely smitten, and cannot get enough snuggle time with our little Hazelnut. Will be back to normal posting this week.