Boxwood, Q and A

Boxwood Growth Over Time

This is a two part post in response to a comment left a few weeks ago by a reader. Kim’s question was two fold, first how long before her tiny boxwoods would grow to create a hedge. And second to recommend plants to use between a boxwood border and hydrangea. I hope this helps you out Kim and would love to … READ MORE

Brick, Design 101

Design 101: Brick Paver Patterns

This is my first post in what I hope will be an ongoing series of Landscape Design 101’s on popular styles and terms used. My goal is to provide the basic knowledge for novice designers to either do a project themselves or talk to a professional installer/designer about what they would like for their home. If there are any particular topics you … READ MORE

Boxwood of the week

Boxwood of the Week

So I have been visiting Pintrest for awhile now, but waited until last night to finally request a membership. This weekend will be filled with tagging and organizing inspiration photos. Have a great weekend! Clipped boxwoods framing trees.From Pintrest, original from Veranda.


I do declare. Day trip to Savannah

We took a day trip over to Savannah during our vacation. We enjoyed eating at Paula Dean’s Lady and Sons, Shopping and walking the different Squares. The trip was the perfect balance to the days spent at the beach. This was our first shopping stop in downtown Savannah. The whole store was a palate of natural woods, grays and pops of orange. … READ MORE

Green wall

Drive Down South to see a Living Wall

On our drive down to Hilton Head, we scheduled a rest stop in Charlotte, NC. Thanks to, we found a great Carolina BBQ place called Bill Spoon’s Barbecue. The pork BBQ and banana pudding were amazing and everyone was so nice. All the waiteress knew James by name, were interested in how we landed in Charlotte and shared their own Ohio … READ MORE


An Eventful Week and Hello Vacation!

This was a very busy week with getting award entries wrapped up and delivered, gathering information for an up coming article in Ohio Gardener Magazine and celebrating the Country Living Blog nomination (and contacting everyone I know to vote). Next week I am on vacation with the family and good friends. I am looking forward to the time to relax at the … READ MORE

My Work

Hello, My name is Nick.

I figured with the Country Living Blogger Award, there might be some new visitors wondering: who is this guy? Here is some background on me, why I am passionate about landscape design and why I started this blog.  I live in central Ohio with my wife and my two year old son, James. My son James from earlier this summer. I attended … READ MORE