Design Inspiration – Our Library


When sharing ideas with clients, having images that help communicate the feeling, details and texture always help to visual the final design. Thanks to Pinterest and previously Flickr, I can constantly search for inspiration with specific criteria and locations to find exactly what I want. However I still collect gardening and design books/magazines for the edited view of landscapes and gardens. In our design office we have a library of books and years of back issues of Garden Design, Garden Illustrated, defunct House & Garden and many more to constantly thumb through and read when needing inspiration or reference.

I would like to think that our design library would rival the garden department at Martha Stewart Magazine, but I am sure they have us beat given this only a small sample of their  books.

Image from Martha Stewart

We are always looking to add new books to the library, and here are a few on my Amazon Wish List. However I really think I need a trip to NYC to see the High Line in person in addition to the book.

Do you have any other recommendations for us to add to our library?

Staghorn Ferns – Playtcerium


Photos of Staghorn Ferns have been popping up over Pinterest and in magazines lately. I have loved Staghorns since visiting my grandparents in Florida and seeing them growing in their trees and attempting to bring home samples. Here are some amazing photos of the ferns and a little background in case you wish to grow your own.


BACKGROUND: Staghorns (also called Elk’s Horn and Antelope ear) get their name from their antler resembling leaf shape. Native in tropical regions of the world, the plants are epiphytes (air plants) make their homes often on the bark and crevasses of trees. Since the plant lives high in trees it lives off of humus (decaying leaves/organic matter) and rain water, and likes bright indirect light. Because of these living conditions, staghorns make great house plants.

Vertical garden designed by Danial Nolan, including Staghorn ferns. Image from Flora Grub.

Image of a large staghorn over a dining table at Terrians. Staghorns of this size are typically found in natural habitats. Image from Karacter.

PLANTING/CARE: If looking for a species to plant here in North East, try Platycerium bifurcatum which is tolerant up to -15 F. When planting Staghorns you can use wooly pockets, boards or baskets with good drainage. Water once a week and allow to dry out between waters. Most nurseries and garden centers will sell Staghorns, moss (sphagnum moss) and boards for growing at home, but I have never seen at Home Depot/Lowes. Or I have found a few vendors on etsy sell mounted ferns.

Wall of Staghorn Ferns on a white wall with a real antler at the center. Image from Sunset Magazine.

Large Staghorn Fern on a black wall makes a dramatic statement. Image from Desire to Inspire.

Staghorn ferns at Martha Stewart's on-set green house. Image from the Marthablog.

Staghorns on driftwood boards from Flora Grub.

Staghorn ferns hanging under a covered porch. Image via Martha Stewart

Grouping of Staghorns outside at Julianne Moore's New York home. Image via Arch. Digest

Fun project via Design Sponge to make your own paper Staghorn Ferns