Bulbs, Flower Truck

Urban Crop – This is genius!

Forget the food trucks, for something unique check out the Urban Crop Truck from Melbourne Australia that toured streets back in 2010. Created by Joost Bakker, Urban Crop is a vintage truck that serves live spring tulips, hyacinths, irises and herbs bagged within nutrient rich, organic soil. The live flowers enforced the benefit of living plants providing clean air purification and were seen in stores all … READ MORE

Garden Stores

Favorite Garden Stores – Terrain at Styers

The next great garden store is Terrain at Styers. Almost all bloggers know about Terrain and frequently post of their visits and how they have been inspired by the merchandising. Terrain has made visiting a garden center an experience and whole afternoon affair. I have not been able to make the trek to Philly myself to visit, and my last … READ MORE

Garden Stores

Favorite Garden Stores – Detroit Garden Works

I thought I would share with you my favorite garden stores. These are my favorite stores for a few reasons, The unique merchandise, inspirational the shop environment, and impact on the gardening world. For the first post, I am focusing on Detroit Garden Works. Located outside Detroit, MI in Sylvan Lake, Detroit Garden Works is the creation of Deborah Silver. Deborah is a gifted landscape designer … READ MORE


Green, Purple and Black Containers

This year we did a lot of planters combined with green, purple and black foliage and flowers. Over the summer the plants have really thrived.  These are the containers at the front of my house. To the left of our front door is a blank wall, so the height and width of this planter balances with the green front door to … READ MORE


Must see in Columbus Monthly

I am going to skip a landscape post today to share my friends Jen and Todd’s library that was featured in Columbus Monthly this month. It is an amazing transformation from a dull dining room to an amazing library. You can spot some McCullough’s with the terrarium on the center table.  Congrats to Jen and Todd, it is a great room … READ MORE