In Bloom – July 7

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During the spring we appreciate every flower bloom as the hellebores lead to tulips and daffodils, and by the time the forsythia is done blooming we have so many blooms we can forget to appreciate the weekly progression. I am trying to sit back and really appreciate what each week brings in the garden and make arrangements of the blooms to share each week. I shared these arrangements a few times last year, but plan on keeping the series going for as long as I have blooms to share.


This week the arrangement features a collection of plants that I appreciate for their striking round heads and lack of floral petals. The distinctive shape of these plants make them great for floral arrangements when arranged with softer petals, but also work great together.


In Bloom - July 7, Thinking Outside the Boxwood


Here are some detailed photos of the arrangement:

In Bloom - July 7, Thinking Outside the BoxwoodIn Bloom - July 7, Thinking Outside the Boxwood


All these flowers were gathered from our display gardens and in the greenhouse. I selected to grow some for perennial gardens and others for selling in floral markets so it is a random mix of flowers. Here is a breakdown of the individual flowers that complied the arrangement: Listed left to right- Row 1: Rudbeckia occidentalis ‘Green Wizard’, Echinops bannaticus ‘Blue Glow’, Echinops bannaticus ‘Star Frost’.  Row 2: Liatris spicata ‘Kobold’, Erygium alphium, Erygium yuccifolium. Row 3: Allium sphaerocephalon, Combination arrangement.

In Bloom - July 7, Thinking Outside the Boxwood- Plant IDs at


Keep checking back each Monday to see how the blooms and arrangements change through the seasons.

Urban Crop – This is genius!

Bulbs, Flower Truck

Forget the food trucks, for something unique check out the Urban Crop Truck from Melbourne Australia that toured streets back in 2010. Created by Joost Bakker, Urban Crop is a vintage truck that serves live spring tulips, hyacinths, irises and herbs bagged within nutrient rich, organic soil. The live flowers enforced the benefit of living plants providing clean air purification and were seen in stores all over Melbourne as well as select locations in the flower truck. Joost’s real goal with Urban Crop was to spread the word on organic compost over fertilizer. The special soil mix he used consisted of composted waste (80%), worm castings (10%) and BioCher (10%),which blended to create healthy, vibrate flowers rivaling those commercially gown using fertilizers.  

The website for Urban Crop is currently not up, but follow the links on images below for local Melbourne stories on both Joost and Urban Crop.

Image from here.
Image from here. 
The flowers will keep for over a week and when the blooms are done can be composted and bulbs saved for the next year.
Image from here.
Image from here.
Image from here.
Image from here.