Merry Christmas


The Family has left the house from having a breakfast brunch and a fury of opening presents by James. We are taking a break before heading out to our non-traditional Christmas meal at a favorite Chinese restaurant. I hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas holiday. I will be off line this week, but will be back in the new year. In the mean time here are some containers at a client’s home this Christmas. It is really nice to just use the cut greens to fill those empty containers to provide festive color.

Tea lights in the tree


Tonight we had a few friends over to the house for some drinks and hor d’ourves. To get the house more festive for the night we hung some glass ball terrariums filled with tea lights in our maple tree near the front door. Unfortunately it started raining soon after our guest arrived so the lights did not last very long.

 We have kept the lights up and will try again tomorrow night to light them again.

I think this will be the last post until Christmas. James is 2.5 this year so we are excited to share Christmas this year with him. I hope everyone has a safe holiday this year!

Columbus Christmas Lights


It has been unseasonably warm this December and still no snow in Columbus. This has made it more difficult to get fully in the Christmas spirit, but last night we went to see the lights in downtown Columbus to help boost the holiday mood. There are two new parks in down town that we visited along with the State House. The parks featured LED lights, while the State House trees were covered (you will see what i mean) in incandescent strands. It was a great way to spend the night, even if it was 50 degrees.

The up lighting on the trees changes colors at the new SciotoMile Park, so after staying a few minutes you could see all the hues. Also Christmas music was playing on the loud speakers which was very nice. 

Next we drove over to see the Commons and State House. I am typically not a fan of colored lights, but this was actually really nice.

Here is one of two trees dripping in lights. Each tree alone had eight extension cords leading to light the tree. Being the dork that I am I took a photo inside the tree to show how detailed each branch was wrapped. To see the difference just compare with the trees above.

 It is hard to see, but this is the trunk of the tree and look at all the lights on the inside. I know how much work it is to wrap a tree, so this is crazy.