Holiday at Home

This weekend we put up our Christmas Tree and did some decorating outside. I say we, mainly my wife did the decorating outside while I worked on waterproofing our basement (don’t ask).
I think she did a great job. Glitter snowflakes and glass icicles. The moss “M” was created for the cover of our Holiday idea book.

I need to go back and add some greens, stems, and accents to our container. At our house it is more of a gradual process, when we have time and don’t need product for client’s homes. I will share more photos once the container is complete. The dog is wire a Basset hound we had at the nursery for awhile that we are fostering until he finds a forever home. Let me know if you are interested.

2 thoughts on “Holiday at Home

  1. I found your blog from this picture of your entry on Pinterest. It#39;s so pretty and I love everything about it. I live in Southern California and have always been envious of homes with basements ( we don#39;t have them) but hearing you have water proof them doesn#39;t sound fun. Good luck with that!

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