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Daring Forms with Longfield Gardens

Last spring I shared a perennial garden design featuring alliums from Longfield Gardens (Bountiful Blooms, you can order the collection here). That was during allium bloom time. Now that it’s allium planting time, I am sharing a second design. As I’ve shared before, I use alliums frequently for their cool color palette, deer resistance and unexpected texture. The two designs … READ MORE

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Arrangement of the week – October 27, 2014

I went out into the garden to stretch my legs last week and came back with a large clipping of foliage and flowers. I was able to pull together two arrangements that had two completely different hues, and then proceeded to only photograph one. Oh well.  Here is one arrangement of the purples and orange, the others was dark burgundy … READ MORE


Fall close to home

We are lucky that one street over from our house is a winding, tree lined road that takes you past horse pastures, a polo field and along a stream. It is my favorite route to work to see all the seasonal color, no matter what time of year. Here are some photos from my drive today.  After dinner tonight we … READ MORE


Fall in Granville, Ohio

So on Sunday I headed out for dinner and a stroll around Granville, Ohio. It is a small college town about 20 minutes outside of Columbus. As you reach Grandville the land transforms from the flat suburbs into rolling farm fields and large forests. We had a great time strolling the historic streets, hiking up to Denison’s Campus and eating … READ MORE