Private Gardens of Connecticut – details

Book Recommendation

Here are some detail images from Private Gardens of Connecticut by Jane Garmey and all photographs by John M. Hall.

Stone fountain covered in algae. The delicate plant is papyrus.
Boxwoods in urns flank an opening in the hedge. 
Clipped Hornbeam within a boxwood parterre.
A natural waterfall with ferns, evergreens and moss.
Large azalea (purple) with Peonies and a stone wall in the foreground.
Boxwoods in turf used as sculpture. 
Mixture of Hostas with Hakonechloa. 

Garden Library – Two Recommendations

Book Recommendation

This weekend I picked up two new books for my design library, Gardens of the Hudson Valley and Private Gardens of Connecticut. I recommend both books for your own library.

Both books reflect gardens on a grand scale, but feature elements that can be applied to any size garden. Showcasing interesting mixing of plants, hardscapes and structures, the books include wide landscape views as well as detailed views of unique areas. As implied by the titles, the gardens reflect formal, traditional designs often seen on the east coast, but include some modern, woodland and prairie designs also. Over the next few days I will provide details on some of my favorite gardens featured in each book since neither book provide detailed plant identification for novice gardeners.

Purchase via Amazon:
Gardens of the Hudson Valley
Private Gardens of Connecticut