Landscape Lighting – Greg Yale

Landscape Design

Landscape lighting can dramatically change the appearance of a house and landscape and is so much more than lighting a walkway or carriage lamps. Up/down lighting on a house can highlight wonderful details and shapes typically lost in the dark (and even daylight). While lighting landscape elements can make artwork out of trees, walls and structures for you to enjoy from outside as well as in your home. Greg Yale is a master at landscape lighting and has done some wonderful installations. If you are on the fence about the impact of landscape lighting, just look at these images of his work and you will be converted.

Up lighting trees down a driveway. 
Greg designed these outdoor floor lamps which make a great bridge from indoors to out. 
The stairs are lit, as well elements in the background. I also love the stonework and chopped wood wall. 
Up lighting on a stone wall (ledge stone in retaining wall cages), plus the focal point and pathway are also lit. 
Same wall, with additional “twinkle” lights. 
Example of lighting an architectural element can transform the shape in the evening. 
showcasing a tree as a sculpture that would normally be missed even in the daylight. 

Boxwood of the week (plus) – #11

Boxwood of the week

It has been a few weeks since I have been around on a Friday, so I am past due on a boxwood of the week. This week it will be more than one image of boxwoods, but a wonderful small landscape featured on Southern Living designed by Marquette Clay. There are details and tips for small garden design on the Southern Living site, so please go there for additional details. My favorite detail is the gravel driveway with center turf. It is hard to do in Central Ohio when snow and ice come, but perfect for southern gardeners.