Country Living Fair in Columbus and First Peek of Fall.


This past weekend was the Country Living Fair in Columbus. I was not able to make it down, but my wife went with James and brought me some cool seed packets for next year.

Seed packets from Hudson Valley Seed Library.
Allison purchased from High Falls Mercantile, from High Falls, NY.

This weekend was my transition into Fall. While driving home on Friday we passed all the Southern Ohio farms harvesting their pumpkins, and the photo below of James at the Country Living Fair with the beautiful pumpkins is another reminder.

Tower of pumpkins created by The 200 Acers.

I do declare. Day trip to Savannah


We took a day trip over to Savannah during our vacation. We enjoyed eating at Paula Dean’s Lady and Sons, Shopping and walking the different Squares. The trip was the perfect balance to the days spent at the beach.

This was our first shopping stop in downtown Savannah. The whole store was a palate of natural woods, grays and pops of orange.  We did not make any purchases but I would go back!
The hanging containers outside Paris Market. So smart to use the Rosemary in the containers. Gives a wonderful fragrance while walking by. 
An orchid flower arrangement inside Paris Market. 
Another Flower arrangement of Orchids and Chinese Chestnuts inside Pairs Market. 
Here is James reading a map of Savannah while the rest of us shopped in Circa Lighting. 

Very cool pet sign in one of the squares. It is always interesting to see how different cities treat their pet signs. 

Creeping Fig covering steps to town house.  I love how it is trimmed around the steps and the windows. 
Detail around of it clipped around the steps. 
I really don’t know much about Savannah architecture, but I heard that these downspouts are unique element.. 

Beautiful Sago Palms running along a building. 
This is a brilliant idea that I am going to totally recreate.  The wire frame can house a flowering vine to provide tree like height, and within a limited space, in a  specific shape you want, and it a fairly quick time. 

This house was my absolute favorite. The house was your typical Southern Savannah home, with a modern garden.
Tri-colored Banana, Mondo Grass and a low hedge were used to create movement. 

For a fence behind the plantings, a water jet fence of cutouts of little leaves blocked the view of the garden behind. 
I managed to get a quick peek behind the fence to see a POOL! I would have to believe that a pool in Old Savannah is not common.  Not sure if the pool is just low on water or if there is a reason why so low. 
On our way out of town we stopped at the Equestrian stables for SCAD. The facilities were beautiful, and while driving through even had the pleasure of watching a few riders The main stables are pictured above. The ivy growing on the pillars between the individual stalls. 
Additional views of the stalls and the barn. 
It was an amazing vacation, and we had a great time exploring the South. We also had the realization that Atlanta is just a 8-9 hour drive from Columbus. We cannot wait to plan that trip next, maybe yet this year.