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Be the Lorax – Protecting Root Zones

I am going to be honest, over the past few months there have been way too many times I have become physically upset about the destruction of old growth trees for the sake of development. Columbus is growing out and the land in our area has remained old farms and large lots with numerous hardwood trees. The philosophy of local … READ MORE

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Inspiration Disney

I have been absent from the blog for a bit because our family took a trip to Walt Disney World. We spent a few days visiting all the parks, meeting characters and riding rides. Our favorite park was Epcot and traveling around the world, but James loved Magic Kingdom. Disney does a wonderful job transporting you to each destination with … READ MORE

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Steal this Look – Rustic Italian

While searching some older magazines I came across this image of a Italian courtyard.The garden is located outside Milan Italy and does not look like a typical Italian (Tuscan) garden. I am an advocate for covering garden walls/homes with ivy and climbers to provide additional interest to your garden. Here are some details if you like this look and would like to … READ MORE