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15 Fresh Greens for Holiday Decorating

The week after Thanksgiving is a rush to get our clients homes decorated for the holiday season. Even though the week is busy, we look forward to flexing our festive creative muscles. I shared photos of a few projects on instagram throughout the week (NickMccland),if you want a preview. There were questions about the types of greens we used and thought I would share a list of all … READ MORE


Summer recap posts

I have neglected the blog this summer, but now I am back to an almost normal schedule will start this week with all the posts I should have shared before. Here is a list of the items to come this week and planned at least two/three every following week.   My personal garden. Friday was the last day of moving … READ MORE


Inspiration: Interruptive Paving

I am in the process of redesigning the grill and dining area at our offices in between other work projects. Immediately surrounding our offices we have 5 acres of gardens that have been designed and installed over the past ten years. The grill area was on of the first areas installed and most heavily used, making it prime for a redesign. With this project … READ MORE


Peonies are here!

Three years in the making our peony production field is finally ready. Look forward to photos of all the flowers we have growing right here in Central Ohio for local brides, florists and friends.


Photos from My Yard

Tonight when I got home, the lighting was perfect casting shadows and highlights across the entire landscape. I love how the landscape changes daily in the spring, so I captured some of the spring color and foliage with my iPhone. My resolution this year is to always have my Cannon D90 with me to get projects and work photographed at … READ MORE


Masters of Design: Russell Page (1906-1985)

“I know more about plants than most designers, and more about design than most plantsmen.” – (Montague) Russell Page (image from here)   Recognized Style: Neoclassical, Formal parterres, European with Middle Eastern influences   Page’s interest in gardening started at a young age with an early appreciation of Lawrence Johnston’s designs at Hidcote. With additional studies of sixteenth to the nineteenth French … READ MORE


Happy First Day of Spring

Even though the temperature is less than 10 degrees above freezing, the sun was shining to welcome the first day of spring. In the garden there are a few additional reminders that warm weather is right around the corner. The images above are taken on my in-law’s new property about a mile from my house. It is a wooded lot … READ MORE